The Awards are granted to assist individuals or groups to undertake adventurous expeditions and endeavours. The following criteria are indicative of the selection considerations that influence the Society’s decisions but should not be regarded as prescriptive:

No application forms are used for any of the Awards. It is up to each applicant to provide all relevant information. Applications must be realistic, however, and the Society will require evidence of sound planning with respect to all aspects of a proposal including financial, logistic and technical. There should be no doubt that the proposal will be attempted within the time scale for the Award.

Applications should be received in time for adjudication by the end of March in the year of the Award.

All applications should be submitted by post or email, addressing their communications to:

Jack Wright FRGS – The Expedition Secretary

28 King George V Drive, Heath, Cardiff, CF14 4EE



Applicants MUST include an email address in their submissions for receipt acknowledgement and follow-up communication.


This is awarded to the individual or group that best exemplifies Captain Scott’s ‘Spirit of Adventure‘. In particular, the Society is looking for adventurous ‘firsts’. These could include the scaling of unclimbed peaks, navigational firsts, sporting firsts or expeditionary firsts of any kind. Applicants should also take into account the scientific objectives of Scott’s expeditions. The Society reserves the right to vary the distribution of this Award.

The Award is usually presented at the Society’s Annual Dinner to which the successful applicant (or representative of a group) is invited as a guest of the Society. The Dinner is always held on closest Friday or Saturday to the 13th June.

It is a condition of the Award that the successful applicant(s) gives a presentation to the Society on completion of the attempt. This normally takes place at the Society’s Annual General Meeting during April or May of each year.


This Award of is restricted to the 11-18 year age group. The Society is very flexible with respect to the type of activity to be undertaken but is particularly interested in character building or unusual exploits.

The eligibility criteria for the Fuchs Award is that applicants must be 18 or under at the date of application. 19 year olds therefore are ineligible.